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Whatever your application, CEAC can provide an alloy. In addition to our wide range of standard alloys for use in a variety of applications, we specialize in custom powders to meet your precise requirements. CEAC can supply small lots for R&D or large production quantities. The information below describes general applications of our powders. To view a listing of our standard alloys, please click on the appropriate link. We welcome all inquiries about your specific application.

Joining Applications

Brazing Alloys

Solder Alloys

Specialty Applications

Thermal Spray Powders
Custom alloy systems for thermal spray applications are all available per exact customer specifications. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Brass Alloy Powders
Bronze Alloy Powders
Copper-Tin Alloy Powders
Nickel-Aluminum Alloy Powders

Powders for Electronic and Electrical Applications

We provide the highest purity elemental powders for electronic and electrical applications. Please contact us with your requirements.

Silver Powder
OFHC Copper Powder