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Here are some questions that users
of metal powders often ask.

Q. What is CEAC's primary product?
R. CEAC produces gas-atomized powders.

Q. What kind of atmosphere does CEAC employ during it's atomization process?
R. CEAC utilizes an inert nitrogen atmosphere in it's processing.

Q. What kinds of alloys does CEAC typically supply?
R. CEAC offers a variety of nonferrous alloys (eg., Ni, Cu, Ag, Sn, Al) and specialty alloys.

Q. What standards do CEAC powders meet.
R. CEAC powders meet the standards of the American Welding Society (AWS), Aerospace Material Standards (AMS), American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM), and American Standards of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). More importantly, each CEAC powder is certified to meet customer specifications prior to shipment, ensuring the product ordered is the product received.

Q. Is CEAC approved to supply to GE specifications?
R. Yes. CEAC also meets Pratt & Whitney specification standards. CEAC utilizes GE and Pratt & Whitney approved facilities for all chemical analysis.

Q. What is the shape of CEAC Powders?
R. Our standard powders are spherical in shape as required by many of our customers. Some powders can be made irregularly shaped to meet specific customer requirements.

Q. In which sizes are CEAC powders available?
R. CEAC powders are screened to standard mesh sizes ranging from -40 to +500.

Q. What are the most common uses for CEAC powders?
R. CEAC powders are used primarily for Brazing, Soldering, and Thermal Spray applications in the Automotive, Electrical/Electronic, Construction Tool, and HVAC industries, as well as others.